Edward Burns in Mob City

Edward Burns Shirtless in Mob City

For a man as fine as Edward Burns, I would say he is extremely underused. Scenes like this one from a recent episode of “Mob City” capped by Jair should really be a regular occurrence in our lives. It’s sort of human rights, you know? While in my opinion, the shirtlessness in “A Sound of Thunder” is still the best one yet (it’s the hair) – they can always exploit him further in this series. That haircut really needs to go away on a vacation and never return.

Edward Burns Shirtless in Mob City

Edward Burns Shirtless in Mob City

Edward Burns Shirtless in Mob City

Edward Burns Shirtless in Mob City

Edward Burns Shirtless in Mob City

  • The Cool Cookie

    Does he ever look bad? No.

    In fact, in his varying degrees of hot, this heavier, beefer Ed is the hottest yet. Thanks for the Christmas present!

    • squarehippies

      You’re welcome!

  • lietz

    his model wife is one lucky gal

  • Baseball 12

    Man. I hope it’s just for this role, because Ed’s looking old and out of shape. He used to be so fucking hot. Not so now. At least in these images.

  • Liam

    Oh GOD yes.
    If this is “old and out of shape” I can’t wait to get there….

  • malibujd44

    I played his barber on Mob City….took EVERYTHING I had for him not to hear my heavy breathing and panting during take after take. Thank the goddess’ that I was behind a big chair and had a big apron on. Take after take the director kept making me touch his hair and head. He is tall and super masculine with big hands and super nice and drop dead beautiful with a wonderful voice. I can’t even tell you how much restreint I had to show when I had to keep touching his 2 day old beard to get him ready for a shave. My face was 2 inches from his and I just wanted to go in for a long french kiss…who cares that there were 30 other crew members everywhere. I screwed up a couple takes when I was splashing the aftershave on just to get more “touch” time. Yes, I am a dogg. Just about the best 3 days of my fucking life!

    • squarehippies

      You lucky, lucky man! And well done for keeping it professional and stuff because I would just be all over him like my life depends on it!

  • Buzz

    I’m thinking body double

  • Mark

    He has manboobs now.I think his chest looks better with those little boobs tbh.

  • Sammy

    OMG thank you so much – I have loved him for years and he has never looked better. I’ve never understood why he isn’t shirtless more!

  • that guy rapha

    ew. he used to be so damn hot.

  • Carlos Chavarin

    Ed Burns has aged well. Christy Turlington is a lucky woman.

  • Leaning Tower


  • DandyAndy

    He still is HOT! Haters leave the room.

  • Chelsea

    Omg i wow. I can’t stop picturing how he would look with out the guitar blocking his manhood. He is more handsome now, them when he was younger. Time was/is kind to him.

  • he’s still pretty damn hot. i can only hope to age as well as he has. i used to confuse him with edward norton. i wonder what ed looks like shirtless

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