Happy Christmas!

Shawn Christian Shirtless

As you all know, I’ve had my Christmas a few weeks ago when this happened so for the rest of you I’d like to wish a very happy Christmas and hoping we can let this yuletide be as gay as possible. Instead of putting a cliched hunk dressed as a santa shot, I’ve decided to treat myself with some deliciousness from Shawn Christian that has nothing to do with Christmas but I really couldn’t give a fuck. Well, the picture above does look a bit like a Christmas tree with all that hair, if you insist. Happy holidays everyone!

Shawn Christian Shirtless

Shawn Christian Shirtless

Shawn Christian Shirtless

  • David Campbell

    He must have something to do with Christmas because when I saw these pictures I blurted out, “Sweet baby Jesus!”

  • tommy5677

    Holy Mary, Mother of God!

  • babyboy

    Making me feel like a “HO HO HO ‘….

  • Boris

    A man worthy of the name!

  • FFS

    Lord, have mercy! Would you look at them furry titties.

  • farmer

    would love to give him a pearl necklace

  • Boris

    A man worthy of the name, and he looks sexier and younger when he does not manscappe!

  • Liam

    Merry Christmas Square!

    • squarehippies

      And you!

  • Brody

    A true christmas miracle.

  • Leaning Tower

    Nice pits. Merry Xmas 2 all

  • Rick

    What a terrific Christmas gift !! Thank You !

  • sparks

    Just… yes. 🙂

  • michael

    OMG! now that is true beauty.

  • ysper

    Was für eine geile Sau

  • OHfred

    I lust after that chest everyday at 1 PM

  • michael

    id love to blilnd fold him and tie him up to that bar hes hanging from.

  • rodfthehorny

    I can smell that pitt for hours 🙂 🙂

  • Rep

    Great looking guy, but that’s the worst spray tN I’ve ever seen.

  • doug

    glad theres some who refuse to manscape!

  • Guest

    Love that hairy body and hairy pits. This man is perfection

  • i don’t know who this guy is….i must be out of the loop or something. happy new year square baby!
    any rumblings or action from phil spencer as of late, hmmmm??? if anybody knows, square duzz

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