Here’s Some Luke Evans to Kickstart Your Holiday Week

Luke Evans Shirtless in Tamara Drewe

This is dedicated to all of you who absolutely loathe winter and the holidays. I can’t think of a better way to spend the week than in the country making love to this fine piece of British manbeef Luke Evans by an open fire. These are from “Tamara Drewe” also starring another delicious export Dominic Cooper. I’m not entirely sure why Google search suggested “Luke Evans Dominic Cooper dating” when I performed my usual investigation but there must be enough of you bitches who fantasise about that holy union to make it do that – add me to the list!

Luke Evans Shirtless in Tamara Drewe

Luke Evans Shirtless in Tamara Drewe

Luke Evans Shirtless in Tamara Drewe

Luke Evans in Tamara Drewe

  • Jair ShirtlessBoys


  • Baseball 12

    Don’t know Luke Evans, but am going to soon be learning all I can. He’s a sexy man.
    As for the other mention in this update, Dominic Cooper — uh, NO. He’s too close to looking like Mr. Bean, with those bulging, offset Mr Bean eyes and forehead.

    ANYTHING remotely related to Mr Bean (rowan atkinson) is an ABSOLUTE boner killer.
    Times ten. Please never do that again.

  • Boris

    “Luke Evans Dominic Cooper dating” definitely piques my interest

  • thebigham

    why does he shave his chest? didn’t luke come out and then went right back into the closet?

  • WORSEKarma

    I’ve recently decided I would do things with Luke Evans which are illegal in several countries, and for which they haven’t actually invented names yet…

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