How Does This Make You Feel?

Robert Irvine Shirtless in Hawaii

Speaking of things you really shouldn’t be doing but will do it anyway – how about these shots of British chef and the star of Food Network’s “Restaurant: Impossible” Robert Irvine (via Just Jared) airing out his freshly waxed pecs in Hawaii? Even though he fails miserably in the follicle section (I suspect it’s the daily nair bath), Robert has gained a gold star in the mature DILF department so yes, I would hit this like a late freight train. How does his waxed nipples make you feel?

  • Mike

    Dude’s only 49 – but he looks way older than that to me. Needs to stop with the waxing, stop trying SO hard, and dye the hair dark like it was. As for my personal preference here — I’d have to pass.

    • Anne Noise

      I normally like grey hair, but I agree, darker hair suits him, especially so close-cropped.

  • michael hall


  • Anne Noise

    I absolutely love him, haters to the left. Would love to see him more natural, sure, but he works the giant muscle bull look.

  • Jack

    Love those huge pink nips!

  • Woof.

  • David H.

    I actually wouldn’t mind him in bed. I think he’s sexy. and you can fight me on that. I agree with Anne, if he you don’t like him, then that’s your problem. More for us to enjoy.

  • Jeffrey York

    He’s a good DILF. I like smooth or natural men. His chest hair is probably gray too. Should he die that? If you want men natural, you need to get over gray hair.

    • Guest

      If he wants to be a natural man then, he needs to stop trying to look younger than he is.

  • DandyAndy

    He needs to stop juicing.

  • joey

    I think he is soooo hot!!!!!

  • ar

    he probably jets gravy

    • Baseball 12

      Funny, but EEEWW! lol

  • Boris

    Nice build, but the amount of wax on his chest makes him look unhealthy…

  • Boris

    Had he not taken that nair bath, I would totally do him.
    Who am I kidding? I’d do him, smooth and all.

  • Brody

    Mixed feelings. He’s a bit of a butterface, but there is something about guys who are so ridiculously beefy… He’s actually a bit leaner than I expected.
    Kind of reminds me of Matt Dunigan – ex football player who had a cooking show called Road Grill here in Canada. He would always wear these super-tight shirts that showed off his huge chest and arms.

  • †ƒµçk §ay 1ø† ಠ_ಠ

    Uber Fucking Hooot daddy. Haters just piss off cunts if you dont like what you are seeing just go away and fuckk off idiots!

  • Drew2U

    ..He’s trim and in fantastic shape. How many of you here can say the same of yourselves?

  • wigglytuff

    this makes me feel hot 😉 nice

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