It’s Just Paul Rudd Giving Us What We Want as He Always Does

Paul Rudd Shirtless in Anchorman 2

Today is brought to you by mah husband forever and always Paul Rudd with a much welcomed face pubes giving us what we want in “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues”. My only complaint about this scene is that they’re not making out like this or this and Steve Carell is not in it to join the party (also in his underwear) – you know, for the comedy sake.

Paul Rudd Shirtless in Anchorman 2

Paul Rudd Shirtless in Anchorman 2

Paul Rudd in Anchorman 2

Paul Rudd in Anchorman 2

  • [ joe ]

    the stache and the hair work so much for me.

  • michael

    he’s not half bad when hes not doing that stupid movie part. i really HATE stupid comedy. this movie was made stricktly for stupid masses. but i was pleasantly surprised by him.

    • Mike

      I’d turn that around and say it’s a “stupid comedy” made for the masses who have a SENSE OF HUMOR. Open up a little and let “stupid comedy” in, you’ll be a better person for it in the end, and laughter is healthy. Disengage from reality and just give it a try. Yes, Anchorman and Anchorman 2 ARE “stupid comedy” – but that’s the whole point of it! It’s FUNNY!

      • i have to agree with michael number one. have you seen the dodge ram commercial with that “burgundy” character throwing eggs? if the humor in the movie is this variety i can’t see me laughing very much. different strokes for beating off to a different drummer is all well and good but not worthy of my eleven bucks or however much the rip off movie admission costs these days

  • Boris

    Not Bad… and the black dude is not chopped liver either!

  • beyonce killed aaliyah

    the black dude I want…

  • Leaning Tower

    So hot he can’t do anything wrong as far as I’m concerned. Love the furry body!

  • sparks

    Nice. 😀

  • Boris

    The black dude isn’t chopped liver either!

  • RupertBare69


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