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Channing Tatum Shirtless in Jupiter Ascending

If your ideal sexy time involves Legolas in Lord of the Rings, Mr. Tumnus from Narnia with a hint of Jack Sparrow encased in a tight package called Channing Tatum (people are weird like that, I understand) – then today is your lucky day because above is Channing Tatum in “Jupiter Ascending” which features plenty of shirtlessness from what could be the lovechild of the orgy I was never invited to between Legolas, Mr. Tumnus and Jack Sparrow. I’d hit this no doubt, even sans hooves. Watch the trailer for “Jupiter Ascending” after the jump.

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  • farmer

    i love channing despite his guyliner making some of my intestinal poo descend

  • Mark

    I love the eyeliner!It makes him look a little bit exotic.The same goes to Johnny Depp of course.

  • JD

    OK – We’ got the following:

    1. Cap’n Jack Sparrows bad eyeliner
    2. Any / all elf ears from whatever elf / hobbit movie you wanna pick
    3. Spencer Pratt’s creepy flesh colored man-beard / goatee


  • JD

    Idiot me – not proofreading before I post – That should be Sparrow’s bad eyeliner, not Sparrows. Duh.

  • lenny

    Oh gawd…..1 shitty movie.

  • michael

    ok, sorry, i had to stop the vid in the middle, i just couldnt take it any more. a bad movie with british accents is still just a bad movie with british accents. i dont know who thought putting british accents to every movie out there would somehow make it more palatable, but they are mistaken. a bad movie is still a bad movie, tatum or no tatum. i couldnt get past the bad eye-liner either. sorry, square.

  • babyboy

    Channing looks tasty….

  • Warren

    I love, love, love Channing Tatum, but not entirely feeling this look. Guess that would be called acting. Give me 21 Jump Street Tatum and I’ll be happy,

  • Daknee

    I love his ears!

  • shoshino jonas

    Miss Farmer,

    Please stop with the body waste comments – not necessary and just plain gross.

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