More Pixels to Drool At

Anthony Head

As you all know, this website is like the old spinster aunt you love to hate who lives in a 1 bedroom flat with 3 pussies and a budgie but is ALWAYS ‘up to date’ with the latest celebrity news courtesy of the monthly subscription of HEAT magazine. It’s really not like the cool hipster down the road who likes to pretend she’s forever homeless but you just can’t stop from coming back to this joint (I wish, please come back I beg you). Anyways, this potential mess is temporary-ish but I will make it permanent if most of you are okay with it. Of course, this only applies to future posts and previous ones are staying the same.

Also, I have replaced the busted old comment system with Disqus (your old comments are intact although sans Gravatar) and you can still use Facebook to comment if you want to with it. Basically everything else stays the same (I ain’t no rocket scientist) except all the pictures are now bigger and your comment system is now hopefully improved.

Over the next few days this website will burp, fart and moan like me on Christmas day so please bear (or bare, or both) with my technologically challenged ass. Is bigger better? Please let me know what you think in the new comment section below!

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