Tom Daley Has a Boyfriend, Bears Shit in the Woods

Tom Daley Came Out

When I can’t remember the last time I’ve posted anything about the hardest working boywhore in Britain, it means that it has been too long and Tom Daley knows it too. Boy needs to up his game to get rid of that remaining unsold calendars (just kidding, it’s really to whore up the next season of his mess of a TV show “Splash”). Breaking hearts of gullible teenage girls and teenage boys everywhere, Tom sorts of came out in this video on Youtube. I have to commend his ass for doing this – it’s not easy. On a positive note, next year will be filled with TOO MANY Instagrams of Tom and boyfriend which to be honest not really a bad thing. Watch it after the jump. Warning: shirt is on this time and no speedos in sight.

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