Tom Daley Has a Boyfriend, Bears Shit in the Woods

Tom Daley Came Out

When I can’t remember the last time I’ve posted anything about the hardest working boywhore in Britain, it means that it has been too long and Tom Daley knows it too. Boy needs to up his game to get rid of that remaining unsold calendars (just kidding, it’s really to whore up the next season of his mess of a TV show “Splash”). Breaking hearts of gullible teenage girls and teenage boys everywhere, Tom sorts of came out in this video on Youtube. I have to commend his ass for doing this – it’s not easy. On a positive note, next year will be filled with TOO MANY Instagrams of Tom and boyfriend which to be honest not really a bad thing. Watch it after the jump. Warning: shirt is on this time and no speedos in sight.

  • lenny

    wish I was his husband. a wedding at St Pauls would have been nice.

  • SZK

    Tom Daley likes dudes! Yaaaaaaay! 🙂

    Tom Daley already has a boyfriend! Noooooooooo! ;_;

  • Andreas

    I think even in these times it’s hard for a professional athlete to come out. Respect.

  • Tom

    I’m glad the shirt’s on without the Speedo because he does nothing for me.

  • mitch

    tom does nothing for me—how about a post on Jason Cameron?–that guy is a STUD

  • Lenny

    You’re wrong about Tom, but Jason Cameron IS F*****’ GORGEOUS!

  • Marcko

    Why are straight guys studs and gay guys boy whores???

  • michael

    good grief. the man cant string 2 sentences together. 2 minutes into the video my head was screaming, CAN YOU PLEASE COME TO A POINT? IS THERE A CABOOSE TO THIS TRAIN?
    just go away tom.

  • Mike

    Blah blah blahzee blah blah! WHO CARES? Unattractive little English troll-looking twit is a poofter — as if THE WORLD didn’t already know and didn’t already NOT care! Move on people, nothing to see here.

    • Shiro Nogitsune

      I mean, you say that, but you’re clearly more hung up on it than anyone else is.

  • MT

    He likes boys? Go figure… no one knew (sarcasm). Poor guy is really confused (he still fancies girls he says). But he’s young enough that it’s OK – at least for now. This seems like a publicity stunt more than anything though. Gotta’ make news for his Olympic quest, no?

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