Tom… You in Danger Girl

Sam Callahan Shirtless in Gay Times

The competition in the boywhoring industry in Britain is so tight that you have to do as much (or little) as you can to stay on top and relevant – especially when there is very little other talents involved. The twink above is Sam Callahan from this year’s “X Factor” and he’s giving his all in the latest issue of Gay Times. I mean full side ass on the cover? That’s what I call commitment. Tom Daley, your move.

Sam Callahan Shirtless in Gay Times

Sam Callahan Shirtless in Gay Times

Sam Callahan Shirtless in Gay Times

Sam Callahan Shirtless in Gay Times

  • Jester

    Ok…so what’s with the legs compared to the chest? If the legs are furry…the chest should naturally be furry too….WHY????

    • Baseball 12

      Because, like all the little twink toys that mainstream gaydom seems to
      embrace, he shaves what is natural and most attractive on a man. Looks ridiculous. Gotta agree.

    • SZK

      That’s not necessarily true. Some guys can have really hairy legs and/or arms and be virtually smooth everywhere else.

      • Daniel Brown

        That is not true for me! I have Hairy arms, very Hairy legs, Hairy chest, and Hairy face

  • tommy5677

    Does nothing for me. A little too boyish.

  • Baseball 12

    Ugh. Like a cookie stamped from a mold. Nothing original or remotely attractive in this little boy. And that’s what he looks like, a little, hairless boy.

  • michael hall

    he is GORG-GEOUS!!!!

  • Boris

    Meh… I don’t like shrimps!

  • Mark

    Just another twink being a boywhore for quick fame.Next please!

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