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James Franco on Instagram

A bit too much James Franco lately, so for this latest activity on Instagram I’ll keep it short and sweet. Yes, I would hit this twice over and NO, IT’S NOT STUNT-Y ENOUGH. The only thing to do next is a Sean Cody style solo video because that’s TRUE ART.

James Franco on Instagram

James Franco on Instagram

James Franco on Instagram

  • Mark

    Hot but a little bit weird.Is this his way of coming out?I don’t know what he’s trying to prove.He is beautiful,talented and an A-lister.He’s already in the circle most untalented manwhores are dying to get in.At least his nipples are hotter than Kendall Jenner’s nips!Lol!!

  • God help me if he ever puts out a ‘solo’ video of that sort… I’d probably hurt myself watching it.

  • MT

    Meh…. Never a huge Franco fan – acting is OK I guess. Seems a little weird in interviews. Decent to look at, but not “all that”. I am 99.9% sure that’s not real jizz – his or otherwise.

  • Lenny

    James Franco is SUPERCUTE!!!

  • babyboy

    Never can get enough of James a happy meal…

  • joe

    nah, no thanks. ever. his brother’s better looking and a 100% better actor.

  • DoverDavid

    He’s a pass for me at least.

  • k

    Franco employing homo-erotic behavior to whore for attention? Why, that’s literally never happened before.

    What a douchebag.

  • michael

    (yawn), ill pass thank you.

  • Milton

    Remember, “things that make you go, huuum.”

  • Clyde

    http://daman.co.id/exclusive-cover-story-alan-ritchson/ Hey @Square, if this isn’t one of the hottest men you’ve ever seen I want my money back. He’s so goddamn sexy!!! Check him out.

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