Wake-up Call

Matthew Bomer Shirtless in White Collar

Let’s face it, whether your taste in men spans from a hairless stick figure to a burly mountain neanderthal type – I can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t want to wake up and bask in the beauty of Matt Bomer every morning. Yes, your self esteem might be lowered gradually to an absolute nothing but that’s besides the point. These are from the latest episode of “White Collar” and after an epic pig-out during Christmas – I hope this post will be like a breath of fresh man air.

Matthew Bomer Shirtless in White Collar

Matthew Bomer Shirtless in White Collar

Matthew Bomer Shirtless in White Collar

Matthew Bomer Shirtless in White Collar

Matthew Bomer Shirtless in White Collar

  • that guy rapha

    Oh my eyes *-*

  • bcooper

    the dude is seriously handsome

  • michael hall


  • michael hall


  • RayRay

    I can say with absolute certainty that I wouldn’t want to wake up next to that. I’m not into shaven ken dolls…

  • sparks

    Matt is my big ol’ exception to the shaving rule. I’d take him however I could get him.

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  • JamesMc

    Yes, please!
    BTW, he’s naturally smooth, not shaven.

    • tarc_d

      You mean he’s waxed or has been lasered – no man is that bare without intervention.

  • Morgan

    Don’t think he’s smooth, it’s almost impossible


      Morgan: Why are you so sure that Matt is not smooth?

  • Jacob

    Flawless in every way. No actor has Matt’s combination of hot looks, talent, class, and intellect. No one….

  • NJRich

    ANy ay u shave it, he already wakes up next to a hot husband ! So he totally off the market.

    • Oh Yes

      LOL – not like any mortal would have a chance with this god!

  • rodthehorny

    Not bad.

  • Dee

    Guys, I would never wake up next to Matt, because I would never be sleeping. We would be busy all night long, and neither us would want sleep

  • Locked-n-loaded

    Manscaped smooth, naturally plucked, burly scruffed…who give a flying flip. Matt can do anything nasty to me at his imagination’s desire!


      I agree Locked-n-loaded But anything Matt would do could never be classified as Nasty,

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