Why We Need More Bryce Johnson in Our Lives

Bryce Johnson Shirtless in Glee

If you show me these caps back in 1999 I would just spontaneously combust because as a true “Popular” whore, my body cannot resist the deliciousness of Josh Ford served up to me on a platter like this. I’m so glad that Bryce Johnson is putting that body to good use, as seen here in a recent episode of “Glee”. Upon further investigation – his Twitter definitely makes me feel like 1999 all over again. TOO FUCKING ADORABLE. There’s a 100% chance I will dive into all that later, but for now let’s just enjoy Santa / fireman Josh in all his 8-pack glory capped by Jair.

Bryce Johnson Shirtless in Glee

Bryce Johnson Shirtless in Glee

Bryce Johnson Shirtless in Glee

Bryce Johnson Shirtless in Glee

Bryce Johnson Shirtless in Glee

Here’s a taste from his Vine.

At the risk of sounding like a deranged One Direction fan – Bryce, leave a comment and I will love you forever?

  • absolutrunnr

    Sorry that I missed that episode of Glee! Santa never looked so good.

  • michael

    bryce johnson? i must have missed him. looks like hes been carved out of cream cheese

  • michael

    what is this new crap about signing in? what happened to the way it was?

    • squarehippies

      If you’re talking about the new comment system – you only have to do it once and it will remember your avatar and details or just leave a comment as a guest. Necessary evil I guess, sorry about the inconvenience!

  • RupertBare69


  • David Hollingsworth

    If only he would come down my chimney, if I had one, but still. Probably, the sexiest Santa I’ve ever seen, and he’s a supporter of gay rights, what’s not to love?

  • Brody

    He did nothing for me in the Popular days, but hot damn, he is looking damn good right now. Time has been good to Bryce Johnson.

  • john hall

    Oddly enough when it came to Popular, my favourite hunk was Hank Harris, not Bryce. Haven’t seen Hank in a while….but Bryce is GORG-GEOUS!

  • ANightWriter

    Wow…flawless man.

  • d

    his abs look like that have had a little help from the make-up artist

  • Mallory

    Way to make me feel old, I remember him on Popular too. Don’t watch Glee, but he’s cute as he ever was. Thanks!

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