Presenting the Hottest MAMIL on the Block

Hot Mamil in SEAT Leon ST Advert

My ass is really struggling to put the “mature” tag on this post. This is the new ad for SEAT Leon ST featuring a very hot MAMIL (that’s Middle-Aged Men in Lycra) and his “son”. It seems that the advertising whores must have thrown logic out of the window because he must have had him when he’s about 12. If anything they should be a couple instead and I demand to see the rest of the film reel. My researching skills are good, but this time perhaps some of you can shine a light on the actor’s name? Watch it after the jump.

Credit: SEAT Deutchland / YouTube

Hot MAMIL in SEAT Leon ST Advert

Hot MAMIL in SEAT Leon ST Advert

Hot MAMIL in SEAT Leon ST Advert

Hot MAMIL in SEAT Leon ST Advert

Hot MAMIL in SEAT Leon ST Advert

  • Boris

    Sweet mother…

  • michael

    OMG, had to put my head between my knees there for a sec. forget the son. its not very often a younger guy gets upstaged by a guy in his late 40’s early 50’s. daddy is very hot.

  • Jair ShirtlessBoys


  • Jair ShirtlessBoys

    His name is Alistair Hallam

    • squarehippies

      Thanks for that vital piece of information Jair, dependable as always! I shall proceed with the in-depth investigation but first, a change of underwear.

      • Jair ShirtlessBoys

        Ah ah ah ah!

  • karl john

    BOTH are very hot!!!

  • ariesmatt

    Dieser Mann ist wunderschön!

  • DarthKitsune

    this would make some hot father/son porn!

  • anon

    Holy F#ck he is HOT

  • Baseball 12

    Damn Daddy! That’s a HOT fucking man, no doubt! Wish he were my dad!

    • Baseball 12

      Hey! Who’s the dick that down-voted my comment?!

  • fa

    daddy and son…check. foreign language…check. dad in bike shorts…omg, that’s hot!

  • †ƒµçk §ay 1ø† ಠ_ಠ

    the younger one doesn’t interest me at all but the #dilf ohhhh ughhmm yeah!!

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