The Saint and the Manwhore

Ben Cohen Shirtless in Attitude

Because St. Ben Cohen is such a saint (duh), he and his body have decided to appear on Attitude magazine for the 324th time and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. This is not manwhoring, this is saintly work. Watch Ben acting all cute and saintly in the behind the scenes clip after the jump.

Ben Cohen Shirtless in Attitude Magazine

Ben Cohen Shirtless in Attitude Magazine

Ben Cohen Shirtless in Attitude Magazine

Ben Cohen Shirtless in Attitude Magazine

It might be Attitude’s response to this hairy piece, ex British police officer Dan Neal airing it out in the recent naked issue of Gay Times. The manwhore vs the saint – you decide. Thanks to Andrew for this!

Dan Neal Shirtless in Gay Times

  • lietz

    the policeman can arrest me now…

  • eagander

    St. Ben needs to stop trimming. A mortal sin! Police officer Dan can interrogate me anytime!!

  • Larry Mullins

    ca mon, I’m too old and jaded to believe Ben is as sweet as he appears. But, damm it. It gives me joy to believe he is. So, I’ll just keep believing till somebody proves otherwise. Love him. Thanks Ben.

  • Leaning Tower

    Dan has hot legs.

  • babyboy

    MMMM Two happy meals…./

  • pitluver

    i would love to spend some time in Mr. Cohen’s pits. just snuggle up with him and breathe deeply! and Dan Neal is so gloriously hairy! what a total hottie.

  • sparks

    Ben is one of the sweetest, most upbeat people you’ll ever meet. Totally crush-worthy based on personality alone. The fact that he looks like THAT makes me a bit jealous of his wife (the real saint, considering how tolerant and good-spirited she is in the face of all the attention he gets from gay fans, some of it quite inappropriate lol).

    • tommy5677

      I think Ben loves the attention but if either he or his wife can’t handle it, that would have to be their problem. Actually, I think Ben derives a certain pleasure from torturing gay men. He is something we all want and can never have.

  • Boris

    I wish Saint Ben Cohen would stop manscapping like that… and that Dan Neal is not chopped liver!

    • michael hall

      Either full fur or ZIP…..stubble is not sexy.

  • Josh

    I want him so badly. I love him, and not just in a sexual way. A beautiful man, inside and out. He’d be the kind you could take home to meet the parents – he’d be charming and polite, but also give your bum a good squeeze once they’re not looking.

  • †ƒµçk §ay 1ø† ಠ_ಠ

    Dear Lord me! He can spank me softly.

  • WORSEKarma

    Ben Cohen is officially and permanently banned from wearing clothes. So sayeth I.

  • Mike

    I think if we knew what went on behind closed doors, we’d learn that Ben, like the majority of males in the world, has homosexual tendencies and has engaged in such. Simple fact. I bet you a dude or two has swung on that thick cock of his. You know it and so do I. And so does his wife.

  • benlover

    okay. I wanna get f–ked by him. haha had to be honest

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