When Boywhore Met Manwhore…

Tom Daley and Dan Osborne in Splash

Here is a rare clip of non-shirtless Britain’s most prolific boywhore Tom Daley getting an eyeful of Britain’s most prolific manwhore Dan Osborne in his hot mess of a show “Splash!”. Dan spawned from another shit show “The Only Way is Essex” so this is a match made in manwhore heaven! It could possibly be that Tom was disgusted by the gaudy leopard print speedos which doesn’t really complement Dan’s crotch very well, but by the way he’s covering his genitals I would say that’s not the case. Skip to 3:12 to see the action. Ugh, just get a room already – but only after I morph into a fly, of course.

Credits: ITV

Naturally, this is made.

Tom Daley and Dan Osborne

  • john hall


  • michael

    unfortunately, danny boy isnt sporting much of a package. and tom daley has a head like a horse. yawn.

  • that guy rapha

    I always knew that he was gay. Look at the pretty (gay) face.

    • john hall

      but what a GORGEOUS gay face.

  • Martin

    if i looked like Dan Osborne with a smoking body…i would be checking him out like Tom did… Tom is 19 and in his prime and Hormones are flying…LOL

  • Brandon

    Tom is soooooo horny in that interview. Especially when that guy’s talking about his tight clothing. Hormones flying!

  • jaspar0308

    And meanwhile, Vernon is a hat, a scarf, and a vest away from being Cowboy Curtis.

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