Why Looking is the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Your Libido So Far

Murray Bartlett in Looking

I’m no TV critic, but my libido wants what it wants and HBO’s new series “Looking” is it. In case you haven’t heard of it, “Looking” is about three close friends living and loving in modern-day San Francisco. Very normal with your average looking guys you see everyday like Murray Bartlett here. So pedestrian (not)! It’s mostly about Jonathan Groff who has difficulties of getting a date. Very normal for someone who looks like Jonathan Groff – I mean who wants to date that wreck right? All in all “Looking” is like “Girls” minus Lena Dunham’s bits (thank heavens). Yes, for my crotch this show is everything I have dreamed of and the answer to my prayers to the shirtless gods every night. Some suggested NSFW-ish caps after the jump. The other guy is Andrew Keenan-Bolger. You’re welcome.

Credits: HBO. Thanks to Jake for the heads up!

Murray Bartlett in Looking

Murray Bartlett in Looking

Murray Bartlett in Looking

Murray Bartlett in Looking

Murray Bartlett in Looking

  • that guy rapha

    fuck me daddy

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    I love looking at Murray Bartlett. I would like to do more than look.

  • Baseball 12

    I’m kind of at a crossroads on this one — Showing guy-sex in a mainstream kinda way is hot, but then, soft porn still just never really “works” for me. Come on HBO, cross that line and give us some cock and ass man-sex moves. THEN I’ll be a REAL fan of the show. And so will a lot of others!

    • john hall

      1. Mainstream cable isn’t ready for triple X rated anything….especially gay stuff.
      2. I’d rather see romance than straight out sex any day

  • john hall

    Andrew Keenan Bolger is GORGEOUS!!!

    • fa


  • jc

    He was shirtless in a towel in a bathhouse on last nights episode.

  • donsboy

    I finally gave in and checked this out after hearing all the hype and I have to say I really wasn’t impressed and was disappointed.

    • ThatsEnoughGravy


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