A Definite Fly on the Wall Moment

Gun Oil Lubricant Valentines Day Commercial

By that I meant it’s time to transform myself into a pervy little fly (as you do) and set up permanent home on their bedroom wall. This commercial for Gun Oil personal lubricants is touching in many ways and a pulitzer should be awarded to the person who thought of “gun oil” as a lube brand. Watch it after the jump.

Credits: Gun Oil via Towleroad

In case you need further information, his man is porn star Dominic Pacifico (ain’t nobody got time for underused porn star), the model’s name is Zachary Chyz and this is from his Instagram.

Zachary Chyz Shirtless

  • Boris

    I applaud this commercial!

  • Leaning Tower

    That’s a great commercial!!!!

  • now if we could just get rid of all the cell phone and car commercials, broadcast television wouldn’t be such a hellhole to watch

    • Baseball 12

      Agreed! And I’d like to see all of the erectile dysfunction medication commercials gone as well! I mean come on already .. ENOUGH!

      • absolutely! and while we’re on the subject of those trashy viagra, cialis, (i forget the other ED medication’s name) commercials – how about 86ing the rest of the new drug/medication ads?

  • michael

    he’s kinda yummy, whats his function? is he an actor?

    • John

      Yea, I believe he is on Enlisted. Later Michael hope you have a super day. JR

  • twinkie supreme

    what a sweet commercial .

  • ANightWriter

    That was an extremely powerful commercial. Way better than the ads I usually see.

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