A Man You’d Want to Curl Up With

Thomas Ulsrud Shirtless

Today is brought to you by Norwegian curler Thomas Ulsrud out of those crazy psychedelic trousers. I mean, if anyone is giving two shits about the Sochi Olympics, them trousers and this fine piece of slightly mature Scandinavian beefcake are worth it and many thanks to John for bringing him to my attention. This shot is from the 2014 Men of Curling calendar (naturally) which features scorching pieces from Canada, Sweden, Scotland and Norway.

Credits: Men of Curling / VG.no

Thomas Ulsrud

Thomas Ulsrud

Thomas Ulsrud

  • hanks

    from how open his maw is, he can certainly accommodate my pud

  • Dave Sparks

    If he’s naturally smooth, sure I’d curl up with him! But it looks like he does some vigorous shaving, in which case he can curl up with somebody who appreciates razor burn. 😛

  • Keeping to real

    YUMMY To my tummy…

  • BostonGuy

    His skin does not look that good for 41.

  • michael renn

    Thomas is GORG-GEOUS!!!

  • Someone hacked your twitter account? It is tweeting strange links to a russian we page

    • squarehippies

      Crap! I guess it’s bound to happen sooner or later. Sorry about the inconvenience and thanks SO much for alerting me about this.

      • That’s what the fans are to! It ahould be an app that you allow to access your twitter account. Getting into twitter settings and deleting the app will work. Keep going with the good (and sexy) work

      • michael renn

        ah……a COMMIE runs this channel!
        hopefully, a hott one !

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