Discrimination Against Male Hotness!

Luke Evans for W Magazine

So a bunch of random famous people including Joe Manwhore-jello, David Gandy and Jonathan Rhys Meyers posed for photographer Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott in this “Pillow Talk” spread for W magazine. I have to say none of them does anything to me except Luke Evans, which is in contrast to all the boobage going on in the shoot, was FULLY CLOTHED. This is a total discrimination against Luke Evans’s hotness and I will not stand by it! I get that for people with socks fetish (I see you bidding for dirty ones of eBay) and shit like that will appreciate this, but what is the point of having Luke Evans in bed with his shirt on exactly?

Credits: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for W Magazine

Luke Evans in W Magazine

Jonathan Rhys Meyers in W Magazine

David Gandy in W Magazine

Joe Manganiello in W Magazine

  • Seth

    I have never EVER found Rhys Meyers even a little attractive. He’s just tooooo weird looking, something about his face is a complete turnoff, usually I don’t mind the butterfaces if their bodies are decent but this is one butter face I just can’t forgive….

  • Jasper

    GREAT! collection. David Gandy is SO handsome and sexy. There are a load of photos on the net showing his beautiful parts that are hidden under his boxers in this photo – front and back. I’ve never heard of Luke Evans until a few minutes ago when I found your VERY sexy photos of him from the Great Train Roberry. What a great face, beautiful, intense eyes with a very strong brow line. This is the most adorable photo I’ve seen of strongman Joe Manganiello; that’s a great haircut on him.
    And bring up his tail, errr I mane, the tail, Jonathan Rhys Meyers – Wow, his pout lips and sad, almost crying eyes have turned me on since the first time I saw him. Oh sexy Baby!, what he can do with those lips. Though he’s not furry I’d still latch onto and suck his sweet nipples until those eyes cry in pleasure. He’s not one when you’re in search of strong masculinity, but wow-O-wow is he a sexy bottom-type.

  • Jasper

    Oh, one other point about Luke Evans – could that photo be any more tastefully suggestive??? Wearing a slightly ripped tank, Lifting up his leg while his strong, sexy eyes look upward directly into the camera with his the tip of his thumb softly, provocatively resting on his slightly open lips.
    That is not an invitation, that is aggressively begging!!!

  • Guest

    Luke Evans is openly gay as well, though the publicists have started sitting on that info now he’s in big budget flicks.

  • David H

    I love all these guys, but Rhys-Meyers, those lips are too die for.

  • Jon A

    Luke Evans would be more attractive if he wasn’t a hypocritical ass who was directly quoted as saying he’d never hide his sexuality for his career, but was quite happy to let his publicist do so once he got famous.

  • Joseph

    Luke Evans was an out and proud gay man when he was starring in West End plays, even stating that he would never hide in the closet. Once he started getting movie roles, his attitude change and he even attempted to trot out a “girlfriend.” With this pic, he’s just toying with his, hinting at his real sexuality (and, apparently, the fact that he’s a bottom).

  • Mike

    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t find any of these guys remotely original or attractive (at least in these particular photos)…. Just sayin.

    • no, it aint just you mike. i don’t get a rise outta any of ’em either

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