Greg Rutherford and A Bunch of Reality Manwhores on Attitude Magazine

Greg Rutherford Shirtless on Attitude Magazine

We seem to have a shortage of manwhores as of late, so it’s only natural to feature these four covers of Attitude magazine’s naked issue (isn’t every single one of them is a naked issue?) featuring the Olympic ginger hotness Greg Rutherford and a bunch of reality manwhores – Sylvian Longchambon from “Dancing on Ice”, Tom Daley’s lust interest Dan Osborne and buttery Kirk Norcross from “The Only Way is Essex”.

Credits: Attitude

Greg Rutherford Shirtless on Attitude Magazine

Dan Osborne Shirtless on Attitude Magazine

Sylvian Longchambon Shirtless on Attitude Magazine

Kirk Norcross Shirtless on Attitude Magazine

Because I have a massive thing for monkey faces, a quick slip of the other TOWIE manwhore Charlie King dipped in nair overnight wouldn’t hurt.

Charlie King Shirtless on Attitude Magazine

  • Mark

    You can never go wrong with ginger with pink nips.

  • Brody

    Never really been into gingers, but Greg Rutherford is HOT!!!

    • John

      Ummm Brody,,,,I can die his hair whatever color you wish him to have! Really, ain’t that what friends are for? LOL Make a dream cum true! lol Have a great day, JR.

  • Dgrinn

    Greg is just adorable with those lips and pink nipples

  • twinkie supreme

    Rutherford is so bendable, so kissable, so bangable.

  • Baseball 12

    My GOD, Rutherford makes my cock HARD! Definitely THE hottest of all those guys. Where can I find him?! He needs to live in my bedroom. Geezus smokin hot!

  • Baseball 12

    Wait– Rutherford’s straight? Damn. Ah fuck it, I’m willing to overlook that as long as his girlfriend can too. 😉

  • rob

    God I could so see my ankles perched gracefully on Greg’s muscular shoulders…. sigh

    • John

      LOL..Rob you should of seen yourself in the Visual I just had..W O both look’d HOT!! JR

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