Scott Foley Gets the Towel Treatment

Scott Foley Shirtless for Charisma

I don’t know about you, but personally this new campaign for Charisma starring the other hot piece in “Scandal”, furry Scott Foley (he has the necessary experience) whoring out towels is much better than their previous exploit with Eddie Cibrian. If anything this screams more like ‘relaxed Sunday morning with your lover’ and less like ‘greasy quickie with the toyboy while your man is out’. Can I get an amen up in here?

Credits: Charisma

Scott Foley Shirtless for Charisma

Scott Foley Shirtless for Charisma

Scott Foley Shirtless for Charisma

Scott Foley Shirtless for Charisma

  • lietz

    nice and wholesome…now lemme corrupt him

  • Dave Sparks

    Beautiful guy. I love the light dusting of fur.

  • crakpot

    He just eye-fucked me.

  • WORSEKarma


    FINALLY, he loses clothing!!!

    SO, SO worth the wait!

  • Baseball 12

    Glad to see he lost the weight. Looks quite sexy and manly now… I’d hit it. Twice even.

  • Jair ShirtlessBoys

    So hot!!!!

  • babyboy


  • michael renn

    always thought he was HOTT
    he is TOTALLY GORG-GEOUS!!!!

  • eagander

    Wish he’d stop trimming his fur! >:(

  • Leaning Tower

    Mmmmmmm handsome n hairy. A few of my favorite “H” things.

  • Joseph

    No make-up to cover the tat?

  • Jasper

    SUCH a Cutie!!! In some ways it doesn’t look like him with his youthful chubby cheeks lost. Ohhhhhh for a view of that towel falling!
    But the director or whoever made him clip his hair has NO concept of sexy and should have his/her eyes poked with 10 red-hot needles and poured with acid and his/her clipper hand thrust into a meat grinder!

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