Time for Some Vintage Fur

Gil Bellows Shirtless in Love and a .45

This post is dedicated to all the ageing Ally McBeal whores out there, because it’s Billy aka Gil Bellows from the film “Love and a .45” (UK) made  back in 1994. Yes, bitches – ninety fucking four. That’s TWENTY YEARS ago.  If you’re old enough to watch Ally McBeal 3 years later then you’re really old now and in gay years, you’re dead twice over. If you had a baby then they would be old enough to have their own now. Fuck my life!

Credits: Lionsgate Films / MGM

Gil Bellows Shirtless in Love and a .45

Gil Bellows Shirtless in Love and a .45

And because Gil is such a hairy wonder, here’s another still from my favourite film genre of the 90s “Silver Strand” with Nicollette Sheridan. You know it’s proper vintage when you can only get it in tape.

Gil Bellows Shirtless in Silver Strand

Gil Bellows Shirtless in Silver Strand

  • Leaning Tower

    Mmmmmm fur!

  • Baseball 12

    I’m not that old in gay years yet — but I saw Love & A .45 a few years back and wow — I became an immediate fan of the younger Gil and his hairy sexiness.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Okay, I’m dead twice over, but I’m okay with that. I’ve always loved me some Gil Bellows.

  • David H.

    I’m always in the mood for Gil Bellows. I think he still looks amazing, and even sexier. He gets better with age!

  • Jeffrey York


  • michael

    never saw either of these movies, but i thought he was HOT in ally mcbeal.

  • Boris

    What a beautiful specimen of manhood!

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