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Greyston Holt Shirtless in Bitten

It’s really moment like this when I just wish I can just force my eyeballs to open during anything on SyFy, because this is fine furry blond Canadian beef Grayston Holt from new werewolf series “Bitten” capped by Superherofan. Perhaps this is the “Teen Wolf” for the above 25 set so they have managed to get everyone’s follicle forest intact. Greyston Holt is basically the Canadian Thor with extra fur so yes. It seems like all they do in “Bitten” is getting naked and hump each other, which is what really matters in every episode anyway. I’ll reserve all the other hunks for another post, because your libido needs to focus on all that blond fur for now.

Credits: Space / SyFy

Greyston Holt Shirtless in Bitten

Greyston Holt Shirtless in Bitten

Greyston Holt Shirtless in Bitten

Greyston Holt Shirtless in Bitten

Not bad with a shirt on either.

Greyston Holt in Bitten

  • sfboy

    have been enjoying this sexy show, glad you found it too!

  • umilton2

    See, Square? As a sci-fi geek, I think that you should give the SyFy channel a chance. Hate the “werewolves”(big wolves? really?), but love the hunks on the show. Their the only real reason I watch.

  • ariesmatt

    The Canadian version shows a lot more skin and ass, too, if you can watch it online. Syfy USA cuts a lot of the good stuff.

  • WORSEKarma

    Finally, a werewolf show where the werewolves are FRICKIN’ FURRY!!!!

  • Leaning Tower

    Mmmmmm blonde n hairy !!!!!

  • dayum! i think i actually prefer a man with average (all american?) looks with a similar body as this guy over a drop dead gorgeous man with an average body ANY day. is that messed up?

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