A Tale of Two Herculeses

The Rock as Hercules

The Rock and John Cena was really my everything back in my college years but despite the constant shirtlessness in upcoming Brett Ratner’s “Hercules”, nothing is going on down there. I don’t know whether it’s due to the facepubes aren’t working for him or the fact that his new film is more like the source of inspiration for straight gym going, Mens Health reading guys who take selfies in the locker room every chance they get. I’d still hit it twice over every night of the week, but whatever it is, this is miles better than bargain bin quality release starring Kellan Lutz. They really need to find other good use for that body instead of wasting money in something only die hard Twilight fans would watch. Perhaps a cameo in Sean Cody’s short film? Freshly released trailer for “Hercules” and it’s awkward step brother “The Legend of Hercules” after the jump.

Credits: Paramount Pictures / Summit Entertainment

Dwayne Johnson Shirtless in Hercules

Hercules Movie Poster Starring Dwayne Johnson

If there’s anything worth watching in the bargain bin version, it’s fully bearded Scott Adkins as King Amphitryon. He’s like the Armie Hammer in “Mirror, Mirror” to the lack of Chris Hemsworth’s exploit in “Snow White and The Huntsman”.

Scott Adkins as King Amphitryon in Hercules: The Legend Begins

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