Attack of the Ginger Beard

Model Kenny Brain Shirtless in Big Brother Canada

It seems that this hot bearded ginger piece is grabbing the blogging world on it’s crotch, so it’s only natural he ends up here as well. Kenny Brain is a niche lumberjack hipster (okay, not really) model and a contestant of Canadian “Big Brother”. Although all ginger, the beard is too homeless chic for me but I’m sure some of you would take him home. These are capped by Sissy Dude (NSFW) featuring him pouring oil over himself, as you do on “Big Brother”. Maybe they should take away his trimmer from the house and see what happens. Less on top, more below I’d say.

Credits: Sissy Dude (NSFW) / Slice

Kenny Brain Shirtless in Big Brother Canada

Kenny Brain Shirtless in Big Brother Canada

Kenny Brain Shirtless in Big Brother Canada

Kenny Brain Shirtless in Big Brother Canada

Kenny Brain Shirtless in Big Brother Canada

Kenny Brain Shirtless in Big Brother Canada

In case you’re wondering what he looks like sans the ginger bush.

Kenny Brain Shirtless in Big Brother Canada

  • michael renn

    no tattoos and that beard, and he would have been MAGNIFICENT. pity.

  • r

    Butterface… whoops said it. Also there is some ridiculous pants stuffing going on.

  • Leaning Tower

    Ginger pitt, woof!

    • pitluver

      aren’t they the best?! 😉

  • babyboy

    Luv some of that Ginger…

  • thatguynextdoor

    very hot beard and all

  • Sammy

    The beard HAS TO go, without out he’s gorgeous. Bring more ginger please square 🙂 xo

  • J

    What is going on in his undies? Looks like he has five plus testicles. Otherwise, hot.

    • mt


  • Fine bearded and wish he was mine.

  • Baseball 12

    Bad enough we’ve had to endure the “trendy” plethora of shaved crotches, bad ink everywhere and coffee saucers and 4 inch drain-pipes in earlobes — but on top of all that, now we have to deal with these absurd beards that look like complete SHIT! And yes they DO look like shit. I think I’m just going to go convert to hetero. Nothing original left in gaydom today. Well, except for Sullivan Stapleton, and unfortunately he’s not gay. At least not that I know of.

    • Harold

      Wait, wait, wait, don’t convert to hetero!! Don’t do that to yourself!! I agree: the beards are awful, what’s going on with that?? Guys are even getting “beard transplants”-why? I don’t like the slathering of tats and piercings galore either. Except for Matthew Fox, my weakness. And I agree and saw the pics in Men’s Health with Sullivan, absolute delicious.

      • Baseball 12

        I think, for me personally, Harold, that my negativity toward these silly-ass “trends” and the guys who participate in them is because I just hate the lack of originality in it all. Everybody “does it” because everybody else is “doing it”. Nothing original about being so inked up, pierced, threaded, needled and bearded….nothing at all. I saw that idiocy about beard transplants the other evening in a flash of changing sat channels between hockey games…. i just groaned and kept clicking past beard show and ink show, one after another. Groan.

        Maybe if all these guys would let some hair grow around their cock and balls, I might be a little less of a curmudgeon about the whole matter.

        Haven’t seen Mr. Fox lately, but I always found him handsome. And his tattoos weren’t so “all over the place”…. that I remember. Tell me he hasn’t been brain-washed too!

        Yes, Sullivan is a deliciously perfect man isn’t he?. And he still has dick hair! (watch Strike Back if you haven’t. He and Phillip Winchester – my god)

        And just for you, I’ll ponder my conversion for at least a few more days. 😉

        • Harold

          Well, I’m glad that you’re not converting. {:) Matthew Fox hasn’t been brain-washed, but he did get some more tats some time after Lost. At least he doesn’t look like a walking billboard, hopefully, no offense. I would like to see some skin on a guy, instead of something to read. What’s up with that as well?? The tats that has a paragraph on their bodies; is that something to read when the man’s not interesting?

          • Baseball 12

            Good questions to which I do not have answers…. Only thing I can come up with: lack of being original.

    • John

      No, NO!!! BB-12, stay theway you are…..PLEASE Bro!! Look @ how many others that agree with you and your thoughts…..Now don’t make me BEG! Cuz U know I will….LOL Later Gator.JR

      • Baseball 12


    • Baseball 12

      My roommate just walked by and read these posts and said “Why don’t you, Harold and John get a room already?!” LOL

      • John

        Naw, I’ll just continue to watch & tease “Thank you”….LOL Have a wonderful weekend BB.

      • John

        Well, on second thought a “tag” team event does sound interesting…hahaha Tag Ur in.

  • pitluver

    i’m weak in the knees for a ginger hottie! yum!

  • szoszo

    he’s a completely different person without that fucked up beard… quite feminine

    and lovely face if i may say so… it’s not all beards i hate but what he’s doing with his is an atrocity.

  • am i imagining things or does he have a napkin in his crotch? i kinda like the gingery beardiness, BTW, and being canadian is a plus in my book (they aren’t quite so “dumbed down” yet)

  • Bjorn

    This guy is a serious nut job…he stuffs baby carrots in his shorts and he is trying to come off as a 25 year old! Yeah right! Major wrinkles and grey hair and his bio says 25 years old…
    That b.s. of making out with chicks on big brother Canada to advance his game and hide his homosexuality was just idiotic. When the homo community has fought so hard for acceptance, this creep acts with such pause and largesse that it mystifies me why he is even homo. In fact, I think he is even acting this part to advance another game. Nothing real about this dude: so fake Kenny Brain.

  • matthias schneebart

    Why would you shave (or “trim”) everything else when you have a magnificent beard like that? Gross.

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