Centaur of Attention

Shirtless Derek Theler Being a Centaur on Instagram

Don’t panic, it’s just your standard manwhore Derek Theler showing some equine love on Instagram, because this centaur is feeding off the likes – all 21,200 of them. This is so unlike me but I wouldn’t mind being the in rear half if the only smell is mansweat with a positive notes of desperation.

Credits: Derek Theler / Instagram

Shirtless Derek Theler as a Centaur on Instagram

  • Jair ShirtlessBoys

    Ah ah funny and hot!

  • fa

    betcha he’s hung like a horse

  • Dave Sparks

    Totally adorable!

  • One hot beast!

  • severn

    look at the size of those hooves…you know what that means!

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