Do We Have To Go Through This Again?

Chris Evans in Variety Magazine

First he said he’s not going to do shirtless scenes anymore (thankfully that was an empty threat) now he wants to quit acting altogether? Unless he’s going to be a Corbin Fisher exclusive, Chris Evans really needs to quit playing games with our libidos because this is not on. These museum grade portraits are shot by Danielle Levitt for the latest issue of Variety magazine. I’ve yet to see “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” but if there isn’t a shirtless scene like the first one, why can’t they take his shirt away in one of the shots at least? 

Credits: Danielle Levitt / Variety

Chris Evans in Variety Magazine

Chris Evans in Variety Magazine

Chris Evans in Variety Magazine

  • Chris, stop working out, wearing tight form fitting tops and you will not be asked to take your shirt off, my friend. ; )

  • bcooper

    oh yum…so sexy, with his rippling bod beneath those tight clothes

  • Bob Eckert

    His brother is the one you really want. Me too!

    • Baseball 12

      Scott’s cute, but nah …. I WANT Chris, oh yeah, definitely Chris! 😉

    • michael renn

      i’ll take both, thank you. Chris is HOTT, but needs a shave.

    • yeah, ;the queer one needs more face time

  • alaric

    he needs to a movie in where he is naked like all the time

    • denny

      OMG yes, where are my pants!

  • CapAndBucky

    I love Chris Evans but in “Winter Soldier” certified hottie Sebastian Stan will give him a run for his money. He was constantly shirtless in the mini-series “Political Animals”, check it out if you have the chance.

  • Warren

    Chris had a multitude (and really hot) shirtless and next to naked scenes in ‘What’s Your Number.” He was constantly covering up his dick with his hands, and he even plays a game of strip horse. I bought the DVD just for Chris Evans.

  • that guy rapha

    I still can cum with him in this clothes.

  • K_Ranger

    He’s extra sexy with the dark hair, and facial hair. DAMN. Much better than the clean-cut “captain america” look. Definitely.

  • ANightWriter

    I don’t know why he doesn’t just go naked ALL the time. That body is pitch perfect. It was made for being naked. The things I would do to this man…

  • he has really stooped to new depths of manwhoring with this stuff. it reminds me of the glam shots they offer at the mall. he looks mahvelous but i guess i am missing the point as in harry nillson – the point

  • remember, square- shia lebouf said he was quitting acting too (it lasted about a week)

    • squarehippies

      Yes, here’s hoping it’s one of his ‘I’ll never get shirtless again’ stunts! That said, I’m not going lose sleep if Shia quits acting.

  • allan

    he is leaving his acting career for his new job. giving me blow jobs 24/7

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