Keeping the Subway Safe and Your Tunnels Flooded

Guilherme Leao

While someone like Guilherme Leão here would model expensive clothes everywhere else, in Brazil they work as security guards at the SUBWAY STATION so Brazil is the only place you need to live. I’ve put up with too many grumpy, smelly old farts in other parts of the world and I need these beautiful model grade guys working regular jobs in my life. Guilherme Leão is voted “Hottest Guard” on tourism site Veja São Paulo and while Guilherme’s work scope now focuses around taking selfies with some lucky bitches all day, it’s only a matter of time before he gets a modelling contract, lead role in a film, a chart topping single, representing Brazil in the Olympics before flying off to the moon. Some people just have everything.

Credits: Veja São Paulo / Guilherme Leão’s Instagram

Guilherme Leão

Guilherme Leão

Guilherme Leão

Guilherme Leão

Guilherme Leão

Guilherme Leão

Guilherme Leão

  • lietz

    oh yes, flood my tunnel

  • Dave Sparks


  • fa

    handsome, lean, looks good in uniform, has great hair…just not fair!

  • crakpot

    My tunnel is just flooded.

    • riyal

      what tunnel, lolz! 🙂

  • pickle

    Amazing genes. And no tattoos? Hot.

  • Boris

    too much wax on his chest!

    • ecklein

      some dudes are naturally smooth, or lucky enough to have a buddy with a feline-like tongue to remove any hair on their chests

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  • ariesmatt

    Hot damn. I’d hit that for days on end.

  • Holy crap he’s gorgeous.

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