One of Your Late 90s Dreams is Coming Back to Haunt You

Ben Adams Shirtless in Attitude Magazine

In a good way of course! I was a major boyband whore back in the late 90s so A1 is very familiar to my crotch. For those of you who are not well versed in boyband speak or was born after 1995, A1 is an English-Norwegian group and they’re like the Union J (One Direction being Backstreet Boys)  of 1999-2001. Further information can be found on their website which looks like it was designed by a teenage me circa with an emboss effect addiction 1995 so it’s awesome. Anyways, they’re making a comeback in ITV’s “Big Reunion 2014” and one of their members Ben Adams has been hit with the HOT STICK and letting his forestation be great. Above is a shot from last year’s Attitude shoot and after the jump is why his Twitter is the best source for chest rug lovers.

Credits: Ben Adams / Attitude / Heat

Ben Adams Shirtless on Twitter

Ben Adams Shirtless on Twitter

Ben Adams Shirtless on Twitter

One more from Heat magazine, just because.

Ben Adams Shirtless in Heat Magazine

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