Screw the Oscars, Here’s Rusty Joiner in Orc Wars

Rusty Joiner Shirtless in Orc Wars

It has been a while since I’ve indulged myself in some bargain bin deliciousness, and this time it took me way back when my only salvation was a hard to come by underwear catalogue. You really don’t need to know anything else about “Orc Wars” or alternate title “Dragonfryre” because it sounded more unique (unyque?) – if you’re into scruffy Rusty Joiner in various stages of undress then you should just shut the hell up and hand them your money. Rusty was the lust object of everyone’s affection from the early noughties and he’s ageing EXTREMELY WELL. What he should really do though is to team up with my favourite bargain bin hunk Cuyle Carvin for “Orc Wars 2: Electric Bugaloo”. Trailer after the jump.

Credits: Arrowstorm Entertainment

Looking to leave the world behind, an ex-Marine (John Norton) buys a ranch in the remote American West, where he encounters a strange series of trespassers, including a beautiful elf princess (Aleya) and a Native American mystic. But when orcs invade his property, John must give up his isolation to become a hero, before the orcs sacrifice his new charges and unleash a dark magic on our world.

Ex-marine you say? John Norton? Oh well, I’ll take this over “John Carter” any day.

Rusty Joiner Shirtless in Orc Wars

Rusty Joiner Shirtless in Orc Wars

Rusty Joiner Shirtless in Orc Wars

Rusty Joiner Shirtless in Orc Wars

Rusty Joiner Shirtless in Orc Wars

Rusty Joiner Shirtless in Orc Wars

  • Leaning Tower



    Rusty Joiner has always been a hot guy and he continues to mature into a head turning man. All I can suggest that he get connect with a first class acting coach so that he can be staring in many first class films and television shows. Best wishes for your career.
    Learning Tower : We will Pass on your comment

  • babyboy

    Now that’s what I am talking about….

  • Brody

    Always loved Rusty, how can you not? Occasionally I feel the need to watch RuPaul’s ‘Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous’ to get a Rusty fix. I think he looks even better now.

    • John

      Hi Brody, I’m John and I to love Rusty, mostly appreciate his personality,,,very nice. Oh and talking about Very Nice??? You have a beautiful photo of you here….Love the look buddy. You take care and have a great week. JR

  • Warren

    Love him! Love him! Love him! Thanks for posting

  • umilton2

    Vice daddy-type guy. Would love to be turned over his knee.

  • Jasper

    I’ve drooled over this sexy hot handsome stud since I first saw his face as a model, probably in Men’s Fitness. I didn’t know he got into acting. He breaks most of my rules of attraction being smooth and blonde, but his eyes and lips are captivating. He looks extra hot with a scruffy beard!
    Thanks a million for this post!!!!!

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