Would You Hit It?

Captain Obvious Shirtless in Hotels.com Ad

It’s that time of the year where they would churn out all the holidays you can’t really afford for you to put on credit anyway, so it’s only natural that Hotels.com churned out this advert starring ‘Captain Obvious’ whoring out their website, who is basically a slimmed down Captain Birdseye gone hipster. And duh, it’s obvious I’d hit this to fill a hole that hot daddy Captain Birdseye left me a good few years back. Thanks to armpitguy for this!

Credits: CP+B / Hotels.com

Captain Obvious

Captain Obvious

Captain Obvious

Captain Obvious

Captain Obvious

  • armpitguy

    Is it the uniform? The placement of medals on his back, swimsuit and workout shorts? The absolutely beautiful lithe figure? The swimwear that only a small number of men could look good in? Or is it that damnably sexy salt-and-pepper beard? No, wait. ALL of that gets my juices going and flowing!!!

    • michael renn

      Ditch the beard( don’t like them), and yes I would. he’s very attractive and the body’s nice.PS, that is the kind of bathing suit popular in the 1930’s. i can’t understand why they lost popularity.

  • Baseball 12

    You asked, I answer – No. I would not hit it. Too pale, too skinny and too hairy around the face. That’s all. Next……. !

  • Dutch

    Seeing someone who isn’t normally without their clothes on, is hot. Apparent by the body that is mostly tan-line, there is something very tantalizing about being among the select few to catch it when it is bare. Also to be introduced to him as an authoritative figure and suddenly see his bare flesh is hot…YES. Definitely hit it!

  • j

    over and over again

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