Let Me Count the Ways

Matt Bomer in Out Magazine

After you finish admiring Matt Bomer’s beauty and his perfectly trimmed right down to the nanometer stubble, the natural thing to do is count his armpit hair because that’s exactly what I’m going to do now. This is shot by Kai Z Feng for Out magazine doing his bit to promote the long awaited HBO adaptation of the play “The Normal Heart” starring Mark Ruffalo, Taylor Kitsch and Jonathan Groff. Bomer went full Bale / McConaughey and reportedly lost 40 pounds to show the ravages of AIDS on his character. Watch the trailer after the jump.

Credits: Out Magazine

Matt Bomer in Out Magazine

  • I think this will be a must see for me.

  • armpitguy

    Thanks to Kai Z. Feng for such a perfect photo of mah husband’s delicious face and that oh-so-seductive pit…drool…how could any of us resist sampling him?

  • bcooper

    he such a handsome man, so much so that i’m gonna explode if i ever got the chance to make lengthy passionate love with him

  • Dave Sparks

    Perfect. That is all.

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