Wake-up Call

Early Jon Hamm from The Big Date

This morning is brought to you by a 25-year-old mah husband back when he was a fabulous waiter trying to win a chick with a promise of an ‘evening of total fabulosity’ on the “The Big Date”. She obviously had a thing for frosted tips and Bill Pullman circa “While You Were Sleeping” (who doesn’t?) so thank goodness for that. All my known senses are getting hyper and I’m not sure whether it’s the sight of a vintage Jon Hamm who looks basically like Jon Hamm 18 years later or the fact that all the guys on this show have the ESSENTIAL 90s look. I just want to stroll along Jon’s middle part and set up nest under one of his JTT flaps for eternity. Watch the clip after the jump.

  • eagander

    Just wait til she sees the fabulous “Hamaconda”!!

  • Cute but I can pass.

  • BigJoe59

    Jon certainly was cute with a capital C. also the host of the program
    is Mark Wahlberg(not the actor) who has been the host of Antiques
    Roadshow for the past several years.

  • adel

    first pic looks like he’s staring at his junk and knows its big

  • Baseball 12

    I looked at the other clips from that show and I can’t believe these stupid women didn’t pick Jon over the two geeks that were on there. Their loss….. I think he was cute then, still a good looking man now, but not sure I’m ready for a cock that big. If that really IS his cock in all the pant bulge pics and not a sock or something.

  • †ƒµçk §ay 1ø† ಠ_ಠ

    Honestly the hair doesn’t work for me, however i am still longing to see that enormous schlong of him.

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