Wake-up Call

Phil Spencer Shirtless in Secret Agent Down Under

Or more accurately, wake-up call for my lazy ass to get back on the posting saddle. Yes, after a long hiatus I needed something wholesome like this amazing shot of the daddy of all my dreams from “Phil Spencer: Secret Agent Down Under”. There must be a vault full of all the ‘promo beach stills’ that they refused to release in the UK, so because Australians always do it better when it comes to hot men this shot has been used on the Foxtel Anytime website. Thanks to James for bringing this into my life.

Credits: Foxtel

It seems that the shot only appears on the catchup section of the website, because they’re using this boring ass shot for the actual series. But you know I STILL WOULD MANY TIMES OVER.

Phil Spencer in Secret Agent Down Under

All them Phil Spencer worship posts here particularly this revelation.

  • Anne Noise

    Woooooof, sexy as ever!

  • Leaning Tower

    Yummy hairy daddy.

  • grant

    omg woweee I literally just visited this site for the first time in ages thinking ‘I wonder if there are any phil spencer updates.’

  • Carlos Chavarin


  • grant, i just visited for the first time in a month or so and when i saw THAT man, i knew i had died and gone to heaven. when it comes to men, square is the authority and i don’t mind if he takes a break every now and then….he works hard every day in ordinary life, i’m certain, and to bring us this stuff to drool over, well, i just can’t sing his praises enough. YOU GO BOY SQUARE hippy dippy weatherMAN! we worship the ground that you walk on. NO SHIT

    • squarehippies

      redsoxaddickt, you really made my day! Yes I’m still alive and will get back on the posting saddle soon enough!

  • Richard

    Wow, this handsome hairy man is MUCH better to view than the hairless and not particularly handsome Christopher Meloni. I got VERY bored signing on here and seeing that as the top story.

  • Josh

    Seriously – to be able to rest my head on that musucular hairy chest after a night of love-making would be heaven.

  • austexjim

    i always worry about you when you dont post for a long time. hope youre jut on the road working and too busy…

    • squarehippies

      Thank you for your concern, austexjim – I’m back and hopefully will post something later today.

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