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Tim McGraw Shirtless in Men's Health

Tim McGraw airing his nipples out for the masses is nothing new but unless he’s getting exploited by some regionally published country magazines that nobody reads, I’m surprised that the shirtlessness doesn’t happen as often with his newfound fitness. This is from the latest issue of Men’s Health and although I think he could’ve used a trip or two to the nearest KFC, Tim deserves a page in my ultimate daddies scrapbook.

Credits: Men’s Health

Tim McGraw Shirtless in Men's Health

Tim McGraw in Men's Health

  • tommy5677

    Men’s Fitness is such a gay magazine. What does that say about Tim? The right stuff, I hope. 🙂

    • Baseball 12

      Wishful thinking, but pretty sure for Tim and his publicist(s) it simply says $$$$$.

  • Warren

    I LOVED LOVED LOVED Tim McGraw before he slimmed down. He was sexy and hairy and masculine. Now he just seems too metrosexual to me. I’ve been bummed ever since he shaved his chest and released his own perfume line. Oh well, life goes on.

  • I like Tim McGraw, he’s hot!

  • Leaning Tower

    He looked SO better before. Now that you’ve dropped the booze Tim drop the razor too.

    • Boris

      Yes he looked better when he was hairy. And if he shaved/waxed to look younger, it does not work… Just like my father, who was hairy as hell when he was younger, and now, in his 80’s, he is almost hairless…

    • Baseball 12

      I think I could like this look better too if he would let the hair grow back. Definitely.

  • memikeyounot

    I thought that was Putin, in one of his famous shirtless shots. I wouldn’t know Tim McGraw from Willie Nelson, but he’s way too skinny and shaved

  • Brody

    Eat a cheeseburger ffs

  • Baseball 12

    He has to compete with the younger country boys out there now – the Dierks Bentley’s, the Kip Moore’s, Luke Bryan, the boys from FL/GA Line, etc. So I “get it”, but no, I don’t prefer it. He was hotter when he had a little meat on his bones and some hair on his bod. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’d take him either way – country boys are sexy, no matter what their age. And hey, I hope I look that good when I’m about to turn 50 too. And I’m sure Faith has no complaints. 😉

    • squarehippies

      Yes, the competition with the younger acts is fierce and I’m sure she doesn’t have anything to moan about – before or after!

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  • faithless

    scrawny mcgraw is not as hot as his former look

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