Our Favourite Adorkable Returns

Preston Stringer

Does anyone remember Preston? You know, our Adorkable of the Month who flooded numerous panties few years back? Either you do or you’re lying to yourself. In case you haven’t noticed, Preston isn’t just your furry lust object who lives in the internets for you to drool at, in real life he’s a sculptor / animator who is based in San Francisco. Currently Preston is still as adorkable as ever and he’s working on his pet project – “LGBTQueerstory”, the first ever animated LGBTQ history and he has reached out to us for some help. Watch the proposal clip after the jump. The project proposal of course, not the other kind. I know, I know.

We drool on a variety of mancakes on this site all the time, how about helping out one once in a while? Head over to Preston’s Kickstarter page for further details. In his own words:

I am working on a stop-motion animated project called LGBTQueerstory. It is an animated web series that tells gay history and how we made it to the point we have in the gay rights movement. My goal is to educate and inspire queer youth to carry on the fight and to appreciate and understand how we have made it this far. I have a kickstarter campaign going right trying to raise the last $4700 I need to get this off the ground. After the first week, I am 33% funded with 35 days to go.

Links: Kickstarter / Hairless Bufford Films

Also, I know he doesn’t need it but here’s a brief (sorry) reminder.

Preston the Adorkable

Preston the Adorkable

Preston the Adorkable

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