A Work of ART

Eion Bailey Shirtless in Covert Affairs

After a shit weather yesterday, this comparably glorious morning is proudly complemented by the EVEN MORE GLORIOUSLY hairy chest, torso and beyond of Eion Bailey (see complete works and “Covert Affairs“) in a recent episode of “Ray Donovan” capped by Jair. Yes, there is nothing covert about that chest (although it has to be said that granny cardigan is completely unnecessary) – it’s a fucking work of art! When Vincent van Gogh painted “The Starry Night” this is what he had in mind – that’s a fact. I watch very little TV series lately, so the only way to get me to watch “Ray Donovan” is to have Liev Schreiber and this fine hairy piece having a shower together in slow motion for at least 20 minutes per episode. Now that would be a huge ratings success!

Credits: Showtime

Eion Bailey Shirtless in Ray Donovan

Eion Bailey Shirtless in Ray Donovan

Eion Bailey Shirtless in Ray Donovan

Eion Bailey Shirtless in Ray Donovan

Eion Bailey Shirtless in Ray Donovan

Eion Bailey Shirtless in Ray Donovan

  • michael

    not bad, but i could do with a tab bit less hair. done misunerstand, i like hair, but thats just a bit much for me.

  • tommy5677

    I just love a man exploited. Don’t you?

  • Cutler Richardson

    just want to rub my face up in all that!!!!

  • Bob Eckert

    Magically delicious!

  • Steve Eberle


  • Dave Sparks

    That is just right!

  • Bearsyl

    Wouldn’t mind seeing Liev showering alone. WOOF!

  • Jim Barnett

    Perfection! Pure perfection! I love a man with chest hair that’s like sleek fur!

  • WORSEKarma

    He also played August Booth in “Once Upon A Time”, which is where I first lusted.. er… saw… him… I’m happy to see the “OUaT” talent scouting/secret breeding program is releasing these glorious creatures upon the world.

  • KJ

    oh fuck yes, and oh fuck me

  • Boris

    I said it before and I’ll say it again: Eion should gather ALL his shirts, burn them and go shirtless for the rest of his life!!!

    • WORSEKarma

      He’s got enough natural insulation, he could manage in a mild climate.

  • Leaning Tower


  • Bed him quickly!

  • Pollywog

    So refreshing to see a man who does not shave, wax or trim his chest hair. Eion Bailey is simply perfect!

    • Taarc

      He does trim… he’s trimmed in the photos above. Thank goodness, he doesn’t trim much!

  • van

    some tight spooning against my back and i’d never have to scrub it clean again

  • sirliev

    it’s a manimal

  • oh gosh, can i have another look? (truthfully, i’d rather have a LICK)

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