But It’s Not Even September…

Tom Daley Shirtless Calendar 2015

It’s not even September but OF COURSE Britain’s beloved boywhore Tom Daley is out with his 2015 calendar. This is obviously timed perfectly right after his Commonwealth Games gold so it doesn’t matter if it’s too fucking early for a bloody calendar. Competition in the manwhoring industry is dead fierce so this mess has to be out way before a bunch of other whores. And in the distance you can hear Dan Osborne shouting furiously at his PR manager to get that shit to print ASAP.

Credits: Pyramid Shop

Tom Daley Calendar 2015

Tom Daley Calendar 2015

Tom Daley Calendar 2015

Tom Daley Calendar 2015

  • Michael Hall


  • kj

    he still does nothing for me

  • Mike

    I know you love him, Square, but dude, is he ever going to grow into a real man?

    • Michael Hall

      He is a real man. i’m not sorry he doesn’t look like a Grizzly Bear.

  • rebeib

    i went limp instantly, nothing fun about a peen slathered in lube that’s flaccid

  • Clay

    Hes bod is rockin but he needs some hair and his face is super fem

  • Bob

    furry arms are developing very nicely…they look good, and no doubt will be getting furrier

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