Oh, It’s Just a Manwhore Being a Manwhore

Dan Osborne Shirtless

Apart from porn, one of Britain’s biggest manwhores Dan Osborne has dipped his tip into every single manwhoring venture there is with the latest one being the main whore in Dreamboys doing a charity car wash. You know there’s nothing better than being naked for CHARITY, so naturally Dan is doing that ice bucket challenge everyone on earth and neighbouring universes have been doing with bonus ass shot on Instagram. Yes, this is my one and only approved way of doing it. Wet t-shirt is just not right. On that note, can someone please call out to Phil Spencer doing the challenge his birthday suit and make me die happy?

In addition, here’s Dan taking a very public shower earlier this month.

Dan Osborne Shower

Can we just skip all this nonsense and move on to porn please?

While I’m at it, here’s Britain’s prettiest rugby player Ben Foden doing it with shorts on.

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