Wake-up Call

Chris Pratt in Jurassic World

This morning is brought to you by this shot of Chris Pratt looking NOWHERE NEAR the Chris Pratt we knew in the upcoming “Jurrasic World” tweeted by director Colin Trevorrow. I know it’s not shirtless, but if that look doesn’t get your libido to the uranus and back then you might as well pack it up, let it take the first bus home to slowly shrivel and die. It’s the only still from the film thus far, but who’s going to give any fucks about dinosaurs when you have Chris undressing you with his eyes like that? And they better do this fine manbeef justice by taking his shirt off, because with manwhores coming at you left right and centre it’s basically violating a human right if they have decided to keep his shirt on.

Credits: Twitter

If you prefer the chunkier version, here’s a bit of nostalgia.

Chunky Chris Pratt

Chunky Chris Pratt

  • michael

    works for me, either way.

  • JuanCarlos

    Oh…that look in his eyes….and the blonde arm hair….to die for!!

  • Branleur

    I actually love chunky guys, so I’d f*** him either way, but man, those facial features are really showing now and he’s sooooo goodlooking.

  • thatguynextdoor

    Yeah, he’s hot either way.

  • Cute either way.

  • Mallory

    Ohhhh yeaah. Excuse me while I wipe up my drool and stuff. Thanks Square. Always liked Chris, back when he was younger, when he put on a few pounds, and right now he looks amazing. He’s funny too. Stupid Anna Faris, lol I want your husband. Bad.

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