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Dan Stevens in The Guest

Here’s a new addition to the most beautiful men on the planet list or rather list of big genetic lottery winners, right next to Matt Bomer. I haven’t watched a single “Downton Abbey” episode so I don’t know how often Dan Stevens took his top off, but I bet he looks damn bloody hot in period costume. This is from his new film “The Guest” where he plays the impossibly beautiful guy who’s good at every fucking thing. The fact is most people will just stare into his blue eyes for 90 minutes while having kleenex at the ready. There is shirtlessness in this film (praise the skin gods), but I’ve decided to use his beauty as a feature image. You’ve gotta keep some sort of mystery right? Trailer after the jump.

Dan Stevens in The Guest

Dan Stevens in The Guest

Dan Stevens in The Guest

Dan Stevens in The Guest

Dan Stevens in The Guest

Dan Stevens in The Guest

The reaction at 1:30 summarised EVERYTHING.

Also, like most of us it seems like Dan has his mind constantly in the gutter as seen in this clip. I’m in love AND lust…

  • bigjoe59

    to Squarehippies-

    i am a self professed Downton Abbey addict therefore i can report that stunningly
    blue eyed Dan Stevens did not have a single shirtless scene in the three seasons
    he was on the show. the closest he came was the episode after Matthew marries
    Lady Mary when the two are lying in bed and you see him from the shoulders up.

    just in case you were wondering Stevens really is that good looking. i saw him in
    the recent Bway revival of The Heiress. i got his autograph at the stage door and he
    does in fact have the most piercing blue eyes ***EVER***.

    • squarehippies

      Thanks for this… I’m not sure if I would still exist if I meet him in person as naturally I’d spontaneously combust!

  • He’s so beautiful!!!

  • bbramham

    I have seen pictures of Dan with a lovely hairy chest. He has obviously fallen prey to the razor. His character on “Downton Abbey” was the perfect man. He left the series at his request. He is quite handsome. Too bad about the shaving.

    • BToronto

      Too bad indeed. What’s that all about? Something about women or your girls preferring smooth. Meh!

  • lietz

    i’m more fond of alan leech, the driver from downton abbey. his form in pajamas sent be fanning the sweat and drool

  • John going gently

    He’s lovely

  • Miguel

    Dan is looking SO buff in this film, but in real life he’s very skinny!

    #UGH I hate it when actors have to get big for roles, why can’t they be big and bulked in their day to day life? Is it much to ask?

  • ben-andy

    Yes, a sad case of razor burn. Still lovely and scruffy, but he could have been the trifecta!

  • Henry Halpern

    i see he’s been toning up a bit. he did a scene in a speedo in “the line of beauty” from 2006 but in those days, he kind of had a 12 yo boy-shaped body.

  • WORSEKarma

    Bradley Cooper’s entirely too hot British long-lost younger brother… WANT.

    • BToronto

      Separated at birth, I think.

  • B J from Stillwater

    Good lord, makes you believe again in the redemption of mankind. Can anything be any lovelier coming across the pond from England.

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