What’s Blond and Furry All Over?

Thomas Jane Shirtless in Drive Hard

After a break from the orgasmic fest that is “Hung”, the always furry Thomas Jane returns in a less mainstream film “Drive Hard” as a washed out racing car driver set in Gold Coast, Australia with a mop on his head capped by Jair. Yes, ‘washed out’ is maybe the one way ticket for Thomas Jane to typecasting town but his body is ANYTHING BUT. It is evident that people are missing the fuzz since the break, so naturally the chest was unleashed in the very beginning of the film. I’d say this is the only way to start the week!

Credits: Odyssey Media

Thomas Jane Shirtless in Drive Hard

Thomas Jane Shirtless in Drive Hard

Thomas Jane Shirtless in Drive Hard

Thomas Jane Shirtless in Drive Hard

Thomas Jane Shirtless in Drive Hard

Thomas Jane Shirtless in Drive Hard

  • Leaning Tower

    Nice fur but what’s up with the face? 🙂

  • MassMuscleBear

    He’s lost weight since he was in “Hung”.

  • Scot

    Blond? In what world is that considered blond?

  • michael

    sorry, i just cant see it. he looks like a homeless person with a face only a mother could love.

    • Guest

      Sadly, I have to agree with Michael. I don’t know what’s going on with his “look” here, but he looks nothing like the Thomas Jane I’ve always thought of as a good looking, hot man. Two words: The Punisher. He was never hotter as he was in that movie. … but this? Yikes! Something isn’t right. His whole face looks different. I know hair can really change a person’s look, but they’ve done something else to him…. Have they given him false teeth that changed the structure of his mouth maybe? I don’t know….. but whatever it is ….. NOT attractive.

  • Warren

    That’s Thomas Jane? Really?

  • Frostbite

    you can be haters but i wouldn’t kick him out of bed!

    • Keep that SOB until he’s used up!

    • LikeClockwork

      I’m not hatin’, that just doesn’t look like the Thomas Jane I am familiar with. Not attractive at all.

  • karl john


    • Phill_P

      You’re new here, huh? Hirsuteness is this blog’s leitmotif.

      • karl john

        there are smooth chested guys. whether it’s shaved or not.

        • Phill_P


  • Mike

    Square, PLEASE post a new post so we don’t have to look at that “triggerfsh with long hair” that is Thomas Jane in that current picture. Just not attractive.

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