Happy New Year!

Mike Rowe Shirtless

2014 wasn’t exactly a good year for me personally, but by fuzz I aim to do more frequent posts this year regardless! To kick things off, here’s a catchup on  what I’ve missed last year. It’s the daddy of everyone’s wet dreams and not so many after that male fan crush incident, Mike Rowe. I’ve lost track of his whereabouts lately, but it turns out over the past couple of years he’s gone all John Schneider and keeping very active on the interwebs. You know, despite everything my libido cannot help but still feel a strong connection to him and I feel nothing but guilt! Here’s Mike supposedly naked raising awareness (and OBVIOUSLY other things) for his mikeroweWORKS foundation sometime last year. Whether you love him still or loathe him, one thing for sure that beefy pecs is definitely grade A. Here’s to a fantastic 2015!

Credits: Mike Rowe’s Facebook

Mike Rowe Shirtless for mikeroweWORKS

Mike Rowe Shirtless for mikeroweWORKS

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