Would You Hit It?

Calvin Harris Shirtless

Yes, it’s amazing how much money can do! Calvin Harris used to be your average dorky high school friend who’s into the ‘music and stuff’ but now that he’s the highest paid DJ in the world – he has successfully transformed himself into well, everyone else who has trucks of money, 3 personal trainers, 2 stylists and a dietician! Of course, I’d hit all that with “Acceptable in the 80’s” in the background but I’m not so sure about this Armani panties campaign. Calvin is smizing without giving the Beckham’s constipated look so I guess that’s a good thing. It could be that I’m jealous that he’s using £20 notes as toilet paper while I had to fight old ladies at the bargain bin for the last piece of reduced tomato (don’t let the Yardley lavender scent fool you).

Credits: Emporio Armani

Calvin Harris Shirtless in Emporio Armani Underwear Campaign

Calvin Harris Shirtless in Emporio Armani Underwear Campaign

  • wither

    That is a ridiculous question my friend!

  • karl john

    my future husband

  • Bob Eckert

    In a second 🙂

  • wpb30635

    Saw other shirtless pics of him and fame causes body baldness because in the older shots there was at least a hint of fur. However back to the question. Hell to the yeah and twice on Saturdays

    • Baseball 12

      I saw those pics too….. somewhere outside, like a desert maybe? Shirtless, hot and had chest and stomach hair. Can’t seem to find them now. Guess they’ve been scrubbed from the Internets, eh?

  • Ron Schaffer



    i would bend him and bang him like a drum.

  • liquor ish

    a law should be passed in which all he can wear is pants

    • Baseball 12

      I’d prefer that law to be amended to “He must NOT wear pants, or anything else, below the waist, at all times”.

  • Tom Maxwell

    Now he just looks like a dork who goes to the gym.

    • Baseball 12

      lol Yup! Anybody can look “pretty” when they have money to hire makeup artists, groomers, personal trainers, dieticians, personal chefs, etc. His net worth is somewhere around 70 million dollars.

  • Baseball 12

    Calvin was hot before he was ever hot. I like the old Calvin better, the skinny, kinda dorky but cute techno-nerd with the big cock. Yeah, THAT Calvin. He’s like Chris Martin before Chris Martin went “camera hot”. Real is hotter to me.

  • Baseball 12

    OH! I forgot to answer the question : Yes, I would hit it. More than once…… And unfortunately ladies, he’d be ruined for y’all once I did. 😉

  • xavier

    Calvin has leaked nude photos can someone send a link or something cause can’t find them anywhere…they say he’s BIG

  • nightcrawler

    yes yes yes and did i say yes

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