Happy Monday!

Noah Mills Shirtless Office Workout

This video is pretty pointless and unrealistic, but no doubt will sell a few more copies of Vogue. In a real world, especially if my desk is in close proximity to Noah Mills wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and sneakers – he wouldn’t even have a chance to do ANYTHING. Yes, that black piece of clothing will go first. Because mine will be pretty much a shitstorm, here’s wishing everyone to have a much better week ahead! Watch the video after the jump.

Credits: Vogue

  • So gorgeous!!

    • Mallory


  • Bob Eckert

    Body hair please? Just a realistic amount, not simian.

    • i agree bob. then again, if he had any hairyness then he’d be perfect and i couldn’t deal with that. maybe we could get him some chest hair via permanent tattoo or if he objects, go the henna tattoo route

  • WORSEKarma

    Yeah… I have some office exercises we can do. Together.

  • Skovox Blitzer

    he looks like a chav to me. maybe it’s the chain. idekr

  • Historianted

    Gorgeous, hot and sexy!

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