This is What Perfection Looks Like

Real Life Prince Eric

When I first looked at the series of photorealistic renditions of your childhood mantasy (yes, that just happened) by Jirka Väätäinen, I quickly made sure that Prince Eric is there and yes he’s basically everything I had hoped and more (which is basically a lovechild of John Stamos, James Wolk and Matt Bomer long, steamy threesome . Then after that high, I sank into a low when I realised there is no Gaston, which still remains the king of my cartoon libido for all eternity.


Prince Eric

Prince Eric

Prince Eric

Prince Eric

Prince Eric

  • Skovox Blitzer

    i would go HAM on Prince Charming from Cinderella

  • Jonathan Jacobo

    What? Where’s Tarzan?

  • EdmondWherever

    Who’s the blonde at the end?

  • Beagz

    Captain John Smith from “Pocahontas?”

    • EdmondWherever

      I guess that’s who it is. I was thinking maybe Phoebus from Hunchback, but he has a goatee.

    • Joseph

      The trimmed chest hair cracks me up.
      I would totally “Go the Distance” with Hercules (“Honey, you mean Hunk-ules”)
      Love Aladdin too. “Don’t you dare close your eyes/hold your breath, it gets better”

  • Prince Eric all the time!!

  • Andreas

    Totally scary pictures

  • lietz

    is it still disney if i’m feeling firm?

    • Baseball 12

      Only if you use the term “firm”. 😉

  • Young Neil

    These guys make me feel like Belle looking at Gaston. It’s just kind of creepy and repulsive, I can’t believe people are passing these guys along as hottest of hot, disney fantasies. I’d rather have the really weird Disney Homemade Hentai.

  • Cam E. Otheatre

    why dont you repost previous posts in the interim between fresh posts?

  • Baseball 12

    Square …. where are you? Hope all is well.

    • Jon Rosen

      right now, i’d rather see shirtless photos of you. you’re gorgeous!

    • Jon Rosen

      oh, ps…..i heard he recently joined a convent where he’s very busy as a None!

      • Marc Agcaoili

        Are you kidding?

  • SouthernLovin

    Oh Mister Square, do please come back. We are all so tired of having to look at the love child of John Stamos and Jake Gyllenhaal, every time we check to see if you’ve returned. PLEASE COME BACK! Besides, we all miss you and your awesome website!

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