I Try to be Naked As Much As I Can, Says the Manwhore’s Manwhore

In other news, bears shit in the woods. Number one, Joe Manganiello needs to continue to strive to be naked as much as possible while the iron’s hot. By naked I really mean NAKED. You know, REAL ass, REAL penis – the whole shebang. Number two, kudos to the interviewer for keeping his libido in control – for a second I thought he’s going to jump and climb on that beast there and then. Finally, why is he wearing a piece of clothing in this interview? I don’t understand. Who set this up? These people! Read more

This Morning is Brought to You by the Naked Guy in Richmond Ham Ad

It seems like hot farmers are the number one marketing weapon to sell food – the latest being this naked ass naked bearded to perfection guy in Richmond Ham advert. A naturist’s wet dream comes to life! Watch it after the jump but proceed with caution if your office if not ass-friendly. YouTube is! Read more

Adam Levine Naked. Need I Say More?

It has been quite a while since we had some skin display from Maroon 5’s frontman Adam Levine, and I longed for a proper shirtless photo shoot. Well, all your prayers have been answered because here he is in all his cocksock naked glory posing in British Cosmo for Everyman charity for male cancer. You know, from the people who brought us this and this. Personally I prefer this one better because of the fur, obviously. More male celebrities should be involved in this campaign, and yes that’s a not so subtle hint to mah four husbands. You hear? Read more

Happy New Year!

Mike Rowe Shirtless

2014 wasn’t exactly a good year for me personally, but by fuzz I aim to do more frequent posts this year regardless! To kick things off, here’s a catchup on  what I’ve missed last year. It’s the daddy of everyone’s wet dreams and not so many after that male fan crush incident, Mike Rowe. I’ve lost track of his whereabouts lately, but it turns out over the past couple of years he’s gone all John Schneider and keeping very active on the interwebs. You know, despite everything my libido cannot help but still feel a strong connection to him and I feel nothing but guilt! Here’s Mike supposedly naked raising awareness (and OBVIOUSLY other things) for his mikeroweWORKS foundation sometime last year. Whether you love him still or loathe him, one thing for sure that beefy pecs is definitely grade A. Here’s to a fantastic 2015! Read more

Oh, It’s Just a Manwhore Being a Manwhore

Dan Osborne Shirtless

Apart from porn, one of Britain’s biggest manwhores Dan Osborne has dipped his tip into every single manwhoring venture there is with the latest one being the main whore in Dreamboys doing a charity car wash. You know there’s nothing better than being naked for CHARITY, so naturally Dan is doing that ice bucket challenge everyone on earth and neighbouring universes have been doing with bonus ass shot on Instagram. Yes, this is my one and only approved way of doing it. Wet t-shirt is just not right. On that note, can someone please call out to Phil Spencer doing the challenge his birthday suit and make me die happy? Read more

Taking Boywhoring to a New Height

Tom Daley in London Aquatics Centre on Google Street View

Since his shit show “Splash” is getting canceled and Rio 2016 is too far away, Tom Daley needs to be creative and find other avenues to outwhore himself. Do you remember when was the last time you’ve seen a half naked manwhore on Google Street View? A first in the history of manwhoring, now you can do a 360 view on those speedos London Aquatics Centre in Stratford, UK. The only thing  he shouldn’t be happy about is the fact that they blurred out his face because it defeats the main purpose of this exercise. Explore the um, venue among other things after the jump. Read more

Greg Rutherford and A Bunch of Reality Manwhores on Attitude Magazine

Greg Rutherford Shirtless on Attitude Magazine

We seem to have a shortage of manwhores as of late, so it’s only natural to feature these four covers of Attitude magazine’s naked issue (isn’t every single one of them is a naked issue?) featuring the Olympic ginger hotness Greg Rutherford and a bunch of reality manwhores – Sylvian Longchambon from “Dancing on Ice”, Tom Daley’s lust interest Dan Osborne and buttery Kirk Norcross from “The Only Way is Essex”. Read more

Wake-up Call

Greyston Holt Shirtless in Bitten

It’s really moment like this when I just wish I can just force my eyeballs to open during anything on SyFy, because this is fine furry blond Canadian beef Grayston Holt from new werewolf series “Bitten” capped by Superherofan. Perhaps this is the “Teen Wolf” for the above 25 set so they have managed to get everyone’s follicle forest intact. Greyston Holt is basically the Canadian Thor with extra fur so yes. It seems like all they do in “Bitten” is getting naked and hump each other, which is what really matters in every episode anyway. I’ll reserve all the other hunks for another post, because your libido needs to focus on all that blond fur for now. Read more

A Trio of Shirtlessness in Baby Daddy

Derek Theler Shirtless in Baby Daddy

There’s a wide range of fit manwhores to choose from in Hollywood – and it seems like three of them ended up in “Baby Daddy”. Days of “that hot one” cast in a show are over! Capped by Jair, these are from recent episodes featuring Derek Theler, Peter Porte and a naked Jean-Luc Bilodeau which is of course appropriate for a network that calls itself “family”. Now excuse me while I spend some time alone with Derek Theler, while planning a ménage à trois later with Jean-Luc. It has to be done. Read more

The Saint and the Manwhore

Ben Cohen Shirtless in Attitude

Because St. Ben Cohen is such a saint (duh), he and his body have decided to appear on Attitude magazine for the 324th time and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. This is not manwhoring, this is saintly work. Watch Ben acting all cute and saintly in the behind the scenes clip after the jump. Read more