Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered! Well, sort of.

What is this website about?
This website is about our (me and co-authors) take on shirtless male celebrities from around the world, be it actors, musicians, athletes or any celebrity that you might be interested in seeing them shirtless. It mainly features reviews, updates and discussions on shirtless sightings on screen, which I believe really helpful especially to all of you movie buffs. Also, features lesser known, unconventional and upcoming male stars in addition than mainstream ones. Although most of the celebs have no shirts on, this site is absolutely FREE OF NUDITY so it’s totally safe to browse at work. Well, that is if your boss wouldn’t mind you surfing bare chested hunks during office hours.

Why on earth you name it
Honestly, I have no idea either LOL. It’s a nickname I’ve been using for years (excuse the plural, squarehippy is taken so whatever), I thought for my personal site why don’t use my nick instead of some generic name. This is not really important so I don’t see why you should care.

Hey, why isn’t Daniel Radcliffe here?
As I was saying, this is a personal website and I don’t think Daniel Radcliffe is hot at all (forgive me Harry Potter fans). Therefore I refuse to post his pictures, shirtless, nak*d or whatever. I think Sean Astin or Jamie Kennedy are hotter and super sexy therefore you can definitely find them here so just suck it in folks!

What’s the difference between this website and other shirtless male celebrities websites out there?
You can literally find hundreds of shirtless websites all over the net but what sets us aside from them is we tend to cater to each celebrity with our personal opinion. Although the amount of galleries is not as massive, unlike a plethora of similar shirtless websites on the net, we’re not charging my visitors to see their pictures. Besides, we do not hold any copyright on any of the photos. Also, the hotties are hand picked for your viewing pleasure and most of the screen captures are original. You will not likely find them on other sites, although I recently found out quite a few wannabe websites are copying the caps without any credit at all. Lame.

How can I support the site?
You can support the site by adding it to your bookmark, subscribe to RSS or email updates and visit regularly. That’s good enough for me!

How often this website updated?
Currently the website is updated daily, which is awesome.

Hey, why is this site looks funny in Internet Explorer? What browser you recommend to view the site correctly?
Internet Explorer is like, so ’97. I highly recommend Mozilla Firefox. It’s fast, easy and display most websites beautifully the way they should be. If you’re on a Mac, use Safari. Please, please don’t use Internet Explorer especially the older versions; the site will look wobbly and you really don’t want that happened when you view gorgeous hunks on this site.

Oh, can I use the images for my own blog / website?
You may not use the images for any commercial purpose whatsoever. I really mean it. Please read the disclaimer here or at the bottom of the page. And please do not direct link the images. However, if you want to include the photos on your personal non-commercial website, please ask my permission first and I would really, really appreciate a link back to Also I would appreciate if you didn’t crop out the watermarks on some of the pictures.

Why are the structure and features of the website keep changing?
I’m constantly upgrading and improving the website navigation and features so you guys can browse the website with ease. Flaming hot celebrities can be really handful sometimes.

How often you update the poll?
The (shirtless) poll used to be updated once a week but now I will update it whenever I feel like it, usually once a week. You can still vote and view results of previous polls in the Polls category.

Can I make a request for my favorite male celebrity to be featured in the future?
You certainly can. You can either leave comment to a recent update (yes I really read all of them), contact me directly via email or preferably, post your requests at the forums. I cannot guarantee anything as I’m just a mere mortal but I’ll try my best.

What about contributions? Can I submit my own photos?
I have received quite a number of contributions from some kind souls currently and very grateful for them. I will eventually add your fabulous submission to the collection but not immediately. For the time being, the best way to share is by posting them at the forum. It’s easy and everyone can view the pictures instantly.

Last but not least, I hope you enjoy this website as much as I did creating it. Toodles!