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#1 2009-05-29 01:58:55

From: New York City
Registered: 2008-08-22
Posts: 56

Warning Suggestion

Hey Square, about the warning some people have been getting about this site.. that can be fixed easily.  The newest versions of Firefox causes this problem for certain sites. A site belonging to friend of mine had a display that said it was suspected of being a forgery/attack site when it really wasn't (her site didn't ask for login/password or any sort of entry of info)

This is for Firefox only
Just need to go to Tools tab > Options > Security > Unclick "Tell me if the site I'm visiting is a suspected forgery/attack site"

hopefully this info is helpful for anyone.  And if you figured out this problem, then you can ignore this tongue

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#2 2009-05-29 02:14:53

Butt Nacked!
From: California
Registered: 2008-05-11
Posts: 1240

Re: Warning Suggestion

Just an additional note.  I find that in Firefox (which I use for everything except where it seems to be a problem), I can't see all the photos here on SH. This is one of two sites where I use IE...  Advice?




#3 2009-05-29 08:44:20

Registered: 2007-03-03
Posts: 1497

Re: Warning Suggestion

Thanks MSJMcL and squarebart. I believe the warning problem is fixed for now by the ad guys, but for those who still get the messages this is a GREAT solution. Thanks so much again, whatever I'll do without you guys!




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