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#1 2009-09-16 02:26:15

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Hello um i new on this site so i just wanted to say hi and give a little imformation bout myself.

Hi! im Josh. Im 15 and obviously gay. i just sort of figured out i am gay about a year and a half ago though i guess in a way i've always known. I am completely in love with this senior at my school named Tyler. he is extremely sexy but his most noticable features are his eyes. they are AMAZING. um anyway im a sophmore and i love english hate math and have a B average in school. I have yet to come out to anyone except a VERY good friend of mine named Silvia. i am a sadly very shy and Anti-social person so as you can imagin i am a very quite and awkward person. i am just way to nervous to come out to my family. i'm just afraid of rejection i guess.

(Random things) I personally am a shaved chest person (i no i no BURN HIM!) sry but its just my thing. my big celebrity crushes are Taylor Lautner (obviously), Kellan Lutz, Casey Affleck (definatly in Gone Baby Gone YUM lol), and Zac Efron but only when he shirtless lol, oh and Neil Patrick Harris = yum, and finally Boo Boo Stewart. My fav movie is Shelter. sigh i love that movie. my second fav movie The Departed. Leo Decaprio, Matt Damon and Mark Walberg? HELLS YES. and i have a fetish for perfectly round butts. oh um ahem you probably didn't need to know that haha. well thats all nice to meet yall! SQUARE RULES!

USER wrote:

Shaun:You're so beautiful.~Zach:[laughs] Shut up.~Shaun:Hey, learn to take a compliment.~Zach: Thanks.




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